Methane Emissions

While natural gas production has risen, methane
emissions have actually declined slightly thanks to
the oil and natural gas industry’s investment in new

Recent EPA data shows that industry initiatives to
capture methane are effective. The EPA’s annual draft
inventory of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions report
released in April shows that methane emissions from
all petroleum systems decreased by over 28 percent
since 1990 – including a decrease of emissions from
petroleum production of around 8 percent from 2014
levels. EPA attributed this improvement to reductions in
emissions from associated gas venting and flaring.

From 2005 to 2015 production of natural gas increased
nearly 50 percent, while methane emissions from natural
gas systems remained relatively flat, increasing by just
1.7 percent.17 Furthermore, methane emissions from the
oil and natural gas industry make up just 4 percent of
total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.18